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Laura’s Outfit for Exploring & Shopping

Dress Code: Casual • Weather: Warm

  1. Blouse in white. With a built in tank top and sheer dolman style fabric over it, I loved that this keeps air moving through my underarms while still abiding by the covered shoulders rule for cathedrals. I found mine at Ross by Joseph A, However I also found it at Macy’s, and a similar by Style & Co. that I love and bought in a couple other colors.
  2. Packable hat with built-in SPF. I particularly liked that this was more casual/dressy and could go with anything. It’s marked as packable which I’ve squashed it a few times and it pops right back up. It also says UPF 50+. Another find at Ross by Nine West and I couldn’t find the exact same one online, but here are a couple similar HERE and HERE.
  3. Comfortable pair of sandals. If my feet begin to hurt or my shoes rub the wrong way and cause a sore spot, it quickly ruins my day. I’ve picked this pair of Merrell’s with a natural flex sole and contoured support. I need the arch support and cushion but dislike a heel for walking as they can cause foot cramps for me. The super soft leather straps don’t irritate my sensitive skin and these have velcro straps instead of metal buckles (yeah!). I chose black because it goes with anything. They do only have whole sizes and I normally wear an 8.5, but the 8 worked perfectly for me.
    *TIP* Bring along some moleskin for tender spots, you don’t know how shoes may rub when walking several miles on different terrain. These Step 1 Softstrips were a lifesaver for me in Italy!
  4. Patterned maxi skirt. If I get a bit dirty by a spill or from sitting on a sidewalk, this pattern should hide it. I also wanted an option that was a little more stylish and would provide airflow on warmer days while walking. Another find at Ross but if you view it on Amazon and they show others that are similar.

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