Art of Documenting

Art of Documenting

Photo Gear, Part 2

In part one, I attempted to show that composition and presence of mind were a greater part of the equation that goes into taking a great photo. Here, I will attempt to provide a more direct answer to the most common question I’m asked, “what kind of camera do you use?” The quick answer: Fuji XE-2, Ricoh GR, iPhone 7. The more involved answer… As I pointed out…

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Photo Gear, Part 1

One of the most common questions I, and I’m sure many other photographers, get asked is “what kind of camera do you use?” Maybe this question is used to break the ice, perhaps to launch into some other deeper questions. Unfortunately, this question is often poorly received by many photographers. A better question that could be asked is, “what do you look for when you frame your images?”…

Art of Documenting

Travel Writing Prompts – Free Printable!

Ever look at a picture from one of your travels and have trouble remembering what it’s of? Or enjoy an amazing meal someplace and have completely forgotten the name of the restaurant? Journaling your travels helps with that. The details of your experiences described with words or drawings not only puts those memories on paper, it also helps your brain remember by writing it. It’s a win-win situation.…