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The Travel Issue

One aspect of travel that I love is sharing adventure stories with others. It’s as if you are inviting friends over for a dinner party where…

Travel Narratives

Recipe: Pisa

  We decided (a little last minute) to go on the Pisa day tour and booked it locally from a group tours place a few doors…

Travel Narratives

Recipe: Rome

  After arriving by train from Florence, my mom and I checked into iQ Hotel Roma. We wanted to explore Rome (and find Carapina Gelato). We walked by the…

Travel Narratives

Recipe: Florence

  After we got off the train from Venice we walked to Hotel dei Macchiaioli to drop off our bags and then headed out to explore.…

Travel Narratives

Recipe: Venice

  After landing at the Marco Polo Airport we (my Mom and I) eventually made it onto a bus headed for Venice. It took us a…