Travel Narratives

Recipe: Florence

  After we got off the train from Venice we walked to Hotel dei Macchiaioli to drop off our bags and then headed out to explore. We visited Basilica di San Lorenzo and then walked by Firenze Barbecue Ristorante, which had some seating outside. Spaghetti Carbonara for Mom and Pizza Margherita for me.   BASILICA DI SAN LORENZO Basilica di San Lorenzo has a complicated building history. Even…

Adventure Resources

Andrew’s Travel Outfit

This is the outfit that I wear in warm to hot weather. It’s also versatile enough to be worn on actual traveling days. Admittedly, this is more of an adventure-type travel outfit as opposed to a work-type or casual travel outfit. Hat. A hat is an optional accessory for me. I wear glasses and don’t always bring prescription sunglasses, so a hat is a way for me to avoid the sunshine. I prefer…