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Photo Gear, Part 1

One of the most common questions I, and I’m sure many other photographers, get asked is “what kind of camera do you use?” Maybe this question is used to break the ice, perhaps to launch into some other deeper questions. Unfortunately, this question is often poorly received by many photographers. A better question that could be asked is, “what do you look for when you frame your images?”…

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The Travel Issue

One aspect of travel that I love is sharing adventure stories with others. It’s as if you are inviting friends over for a dinner party where everyone brings their own dish of travel to share. Hearing about their favorite restaurant they ate at or how they saw something other tourists miss out on is invaluable knowledge that you can use to create your own adventure recipe. There are…

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Andrew’s Travel Outfit

This is the outfit that I wear in warm to hot weather. It’s also versatile enough to be worn on actual traveling days. Admittedly, this is more of an adventure-type travel outfit as opposed to a work-type or casual travel outfit. Hat. A hat is an optional accessory for me. I wear glasses and don’t always bring prescription sunglasses, so a hat is a way for me to avoid the sunshine. I prefer…

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Laura’s Outfit for Exploring & Shopping

Dress Code: Casual • Weather: Warm Blouse in white. With a built in tank top and sheer dolman style fabric over it, I loved that this keeps air moving through my underarms while still abiding by the covered shoulders rule for cathedrals. I found mine at Ross by Joseph A, However I also found it at Macy’s, and a similar by Style & Co. that I love and…